Friday, July 25, 2008

Holy Rosary Convent

Holy Rosary Convent in Bird Street is another historical building that has been trashed. With the initiatives of the Mandela Bay Development Agency and the Heritage Trust it is hoped that steps can be taken to reverse this tide and restore these buldings to their former glory.


  1. It really is sad to see historic places like this go to the dumps. Let's hope that all parties involved comes to the party and "ruk die area reg".

  2. I remember going to play chess tournaments there when I was at school. Was very sad to see the state it was in last time I drove past. When are we going to lewarn to focus on our past heritage as well as our future development (or whatever seems expedient at the time?!)

  3. My mother went to school there. So many memories. Please save and restore these beautiful buildings.