Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This old beauty was spotted at the South African Airforce Museum last weekend, undergoing a facelift. In the background you can see a Trojan T28 training plane, part of the very impressive stable of local aerobatics legend Stu Davidson.
If you are at all into aircraft, the museum is well worth a visit. It is not everyday you get a chance to get up close and personal with Mirage fighter jets, vintage planes and assorted helicopters all in one building! (By the way, don't forget that if any of the places we feature interest you, and you want to know more, there is the questions section on MyPE website where you can ask a local for more info, and a really fun list where each day residents post ONE reason a DAY to visit Port Elizabeth .)


  1. The Airforce Museum is really worth the visit for both young and old. The do have an fantastic collection that can and will be appreciated by everybody

  2. hehe, you're right about the young and old thing, Firefly! We went there with our 3 year old grandson and my 90 year old dad and they both loved it!