Thursday, July 17, 2008

Parliament Street again

We recently featured the top section of Parliament street, which is undergoing an upgrade, and had some interesting feedback in the comments from one of the property owners in the area. We also showed the cafe in the middle.
This is lower down the hill. I love driving or walking down this street and arriving at this point with a glimpse of the bay in the gap, and recently painted buildings on the left. The beige one on the extreme left is the offices of the East Cape Institute of Architects.
Disappearing down the hill in the distance, you see the roofs of the famous Donkin Terrace. The spire belongs to Hill Presbyterian Church.


  1. I have always liked Parliament St despite the nonsense that was continually written about it, hard to think form the picture it was supposed to be a war zone and to quote John Preller “PE’s biggest toilet”

    How is the other end of the street progressing? ?

    I have studied the photo of the renovations again. I can clear see the barricade which prevents people getting to our restaurant but I can't see any people doing anything.

  2. This street looks very hospitable. Neat and tidy, too. Looks like it leads directly to the harbor.

  3. Now that I can comment as a fully fledged Blogger, I will comment more. Parliament Street can surely be a showcase for Central once the renovations are done. Another street in Central I really enjoy is Bird Street. Some great buildings can be found there.

  4. colin, the upgrade pic was taken on a Saturday, I'll try and do a few views for you next week, if i get time, during working hours. It is a bit chaotic down there as far as traffic and parking goes, as you can imagine, so bear with me.

    Chuck, it does lead directly to the harbour, as the crow flies, but at the bottonm of the hill is the main street of the city centre, and the Settlers freeway, so it is not a direct drive down the hill! (It is so steep in that section that the high rise buildings of main street are hidden under the brow of the hill, you are seeing the harbour over the tops of the buildings!)

    Firefly, yes we also love Bird Street, and will feature bits of it again soon, although it also has its very sad run down bits, like the burnt out wreckage of the Holy Rosary building!

  5. Many thanks I would really appreciate that.

    I would normally offer you a cup of coffee but we have given up and closed during the day.

    52 is not opening at all because there are concrete pipes right outside the front door.

    My wife thinks they are digging the trenches with spoons.

    We have a car park you are welcome to park in, if you can get to it.