Sunday, November 9, 2008


One of the old landmark historic shops in Central, this has housed an antique and old bookshop as long as we can remember. The simple unpretentious architecture is typical of many of the colonial buildings that went up in the 1800s in PE.


  1. Very well-maintained — it doesn't look old at all. I like its colors!

  2. I recall this building housing an electrical shop called Burrell and Copcut in the 1960's - they sold valves and wire and all sorts of interesting stuff...

  3. OMG I used to live on the top floor of that house!!
    We moved in as newly weds in 1984, when the owner had completed transforming her inherited house into apartments and the shops downstairs.
    We had many happy years there, and many of the old theater folk will remember some stunning parties there!
    I'm so glad to see it still looks so good.
    Thanks so much for a very happy memory,
    Jacqui Gates
    Atlanta Georgia USA

  4. Hi this building was originally build for a pharmacy Wilson & CO if I remember correctly the name, the pharmacy downstairs and the family that owned it lived upstairs and part of it downstairs, there are 2 beautiful old fireplaces inside still in a working condition.

    It is currently being refurbished and a new exciting shop will open hopefully by April/ May 2012.