Monday, November 10, 2008

casbah's again

Since we seem to be on a nostalgic kick at the moment, let's feature another shot of PE in the 90s.... this is the Casbah Carvery that used to be in Cape Road, in the old Kine 500 complex. This was sent by Darren Theologo, who says :
"The photo of the Limousine infront of the Casbah Carvery & Grill also taken 1992 , People in photo From left to right _1. Riaan Roux , 2.
Darren Theologo , 3. Lillian Van Zyl , 4. Sharyn Theologo , 5. John Price._ The Event :- My mom(Sharyn Theologo) had hired John Price to drive my girlfriend (at that time) and i to her matric dance in his limousine.
You are right about it being the only limo in PE at that time..."
On the Facebook site "Remember PE when..." you will see many comments about the old Casbah double chicken burgers!

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  1. Oh my goodness, there's just a host of memories in here!! I rememebr John Price's white limo well, and although I saw the Casbah Carvery, I never went there... but I have many memories of the old Kine 500! It really was the last of the huge old-style cinemas in PE (after all the ones off Main Street closed) and I recall my mom trying to take me to see Pinnochio there, but I was so terrified of the darkened auditorium that I stood screamign in the lobby and refused to go in! I also rememebr seeing Battlestar Galactica there in the 1980s in Sensurround sound (!!), feeling the vibrations in the building and wondering if it was structurally sound :o)