Friday, November 28, 2008

Green Piece!

Yay Yippee Yay!! It is appropriate to feature a photo from Central today, because last night saw the inaugural meeting of the Central Sector Crime Forum. It was well organised and a strong and committed committee was chosen, with the aim of eradicating crime and grime in the area. The Chairperson is Ken Denton, who owns the majority of the buildings in the area. We are really optimistic about this initiative, and wish them all the best in their endeavours to reclaim our historic gem of a suburb.

We have featured Havelock Square in Central before. It is one of the picturesque and vital little green areas in the heart of the city. This is a view of some of the lovely old villas that surround the square.


  1. As long as the owners of these buildings look after them these little precious spots will stay that. Havelock Square is like a little village square in the middle of a city.

  2. Ken Denton as a chairperson !!! sorry I dont understand ????
    the froggy

  3. Gaston, I know it seems odd, but it actually makes sense, after all he has a HUGE investment in the area, and needs to start cleaning it up if his properties are to increase in value. And of all people, he has the resources to do so. I guess many people have the attitude "you made this mess, so you fix it now", but I personally, being an optimist at heart, believe that he lives here now, and is taking a personal interest in the area. I really hope he proves everyone wrong and turns out to be the hero of central... (do you want the name of the optometrist who supplies my magical rose tinted glasses?) hehe

  4. thanks for the explanation. I will read News24 and the Herald on line every day and see if your glasses remain rose titted. When I read what is happening in SA I feel very sad. Hope the elections next year will improve the life of many South Africans and that corruption and crime wil disappear (??)

  5. in my previous message I meant rose tinted (not titted)

  6. Denton the chairman???? Isn't that like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse?!?!? Please send a little of your rose-tinted view this way ;-)

    I have always loved Havelock Square - as a student I dreamed of owning a house there.