Saturday, November 1, 2008

maitlands dune

In response to yesterdays post of the beach at Maitlands River mouth, Richie requested some views of the dune and surroundings. Here it is from the beach, and in the foreground is the lagoon formed when the river mouth when it is closed by sandbars. The pipeline that feeds water to Port Elizabeth from the Churchill Dam is seen crossing the river. The little building to the right is a rather tatty ablution block on the edge of the carpark. It is a magical place for kids to run wild!

And by the way, thanks very much to Sonia, who found a way of getting back to decent sized photos after Blogger messed with the sizing, and we were stuck with horrid little ones for a while!


  1. Just catching up on many blogs. Love the light of this beach scene, and the wonderful ripples in the sand. Lovely.

    Also, your air show images are stunning!

    Your ideal of posting PE specifics is good, but glad you give yourself the latitude of breaking your own rule. When I started my blog I named it "Almost" one a day - Seattle ... I wanted wiggle room to post from travel locations, or even skip a post now and then if I needed. So far I've not skipped a day, and today is #300, but there are many days and challenges ahead.

  2. I think its time for us to visit Maitlands again. Last time we were there the kids just loved climbing the dune. I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.

  3. Oh I remember many happy Sundays as kids "tobogganing" down the Maitland dune on a piece of hardboard with a string "handle"! Nice to know it's still as unspoilt.