Saturday, November 8, 2008

St Philips Street Then and Now

I can't believe our 1st blogiversary slipped by yesterday, we clean forgot about it, but would love to thank all our visitors who have really become friends in the past year.

One of our readers, Brenda from UK, grew up in a house which is just across the park from us. She has sent us some lovely old photos from the 1930s to 60s, and this is one taken in 1949 in St Philips Street. Note the newly planted sidewalk trees and the grass beside the pavement.

Looking down the hill recently, on the night of the big storm and spring tides (1st September) we saw a fire enginge in the street and saw that a huge tree (one of the saplings in her photo) had blown against no 39, crushing part of the roof.

thanks Brenda!


  1. Happy blogiversary for Friday. May there still be many to come. And to think of it. if you didn't start blogging one year ago I would never have discovered PE Daily Photo which have led to be taking up blogging as well. Thank you.

  2. Hey - happy blogoversary! Isn't it amazing how time flies when you're having fun?? Great "then and now" shot. It's actually amazing how little that part of PE has changed architecturally over the years.

  3. Hi there. I live at number 3 St Philips Street and am looking for any history of the house, its previous owners, and pictures of the house of any era or time period! I believe there was a fire here at some time between 1956 and 1979, historically curious!

    Thank you!