Monday, January 26, 2009

Your one stop health shop........

I could not resist photographing this sign, which I spotted in a street in Uitenhage recently. This really looks like a one stop shop for holistic health care African style.


  1. I wanted to make a political comment about sex and showers and a certain guy but I won't. I often wonder if some of these traditional healer guys just don't thumb suck it as they go.

  2. There are some wonderful leaflets that get pushed through our letterbox here in London too - things like "Dr X can help with the following: disease, depression, lack of male potency, bad luck in love, evil spirits and curses"...!!

  3. Firefly, I think there are many sincere practitioners who take their work seriously, but also a lot of charlatans and opportunists. There were some Nigerians operating in Govan Mbeki near City Hall who were luring young girls in and then abducting them into human trafficking operations.... I guess wherever you go there are those types who give the sincere ones a bad name!