Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bethelsdorp Historic Houses

A row of historic houses in the historic heart of Bethelsdorp.  The long white building on the left is the Almshouses which was built by the London Missionary Society in 1822 as part of the mission station.  They are still used to assist and accommodate the poor and destitute.  The other two houses also date back to the early days of the area and both are still occupied as well.  The left hand one between the Almshouses and the red one belonged to the first black school principal in Port Elizabeth.


  1. Here in the UK there are still quite a few almshouses, mostly founded by wealthy individuals for poor but gentlefolk of the parish! In fact I live perhaps 100 yards from some.
    Whilst I could never quite get my head round the whole missionary thing, I cannot but admire their spirit and fortitude.

  2. How did you find out about the history of these buildings? It's neat that their original purpose is still known . . .

  3. I saw buildings like this all over ZA. Wonder if they have a similar story to tell?

  4. The first black PRINCIPLE ? Unfortunately many of the current PRINCIPALS of schools do not have this ethic!!