Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewish Pioneer Memorial Museum

Richmond Hill is on the rise. Literally and figuratively.  The area is developing into a restaurant hub where the who's who of Port Elizabeth hang out.  But its not just restaurants that you will find in the area.  The Jewish Pioneer Memorial Museum can be found in Raleigh Street and is housed in the original synagogue which was used by the Jewish community between 1912 and 1954.  The museum features a collection of memorabilia, ceremonial items and historical photographic displays such as a bridal gallery, Jewish ex-servicemen memorial and much more.  The museum is only open by appointment.


  1. I love the blue and cream. Nice old building - it also looks a bit Oersian with the dome-topped windows and side domes.

  2. my mother was married in that synagogue, many-many years ago.

    having been away from PE for such a long time [1977] i had forgotten about it.

    thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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