Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Schools athletics at the Oval

I went to Chaos Boy's school athletics meeting at the Westbourne Oval the other day and all the memories from years gone by (long ago) of competing there came flooding back.  The noise on the stands, the chanting, the starter's pistol firing, the smell of the track in the heat, sore legs, dry mouth and the joy of coming in first (or in most of my cases, not coming in last).


  1. Looks far smarter than our athletics on the schoolfields. A real track!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog too - better come to Cape Town one Feb and I will take you to see the disas. It is a pretty spectacular display and apparently used to be even more impressive in days gone by.

  2. Giving away your age Jonker. Cannot remember when last I was at the Westbourne Oval. Hope you competed in the parents race over 10 miles!

  3. Wow, this does bring back a few memories. Great pic Firefly