Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exciting Changes

The Boardwalk Complex is about to embark on a new and very exciting journey.  They have just had their casino license renewed for another 15 years and part of the license agreement is the construction of a new international standard conference centre and 5 star hotel.  The Chinese style building in the picture used to house a Chinese restaurant and a couple of other shops, but it will be making way for the new addition to the complex.  Exciting Changes Underway Shortly!


  1. Pitty about the Chinese restaurant closing, they always had very good food :(

  2. Sure gonna miss the Kyoto Sushi restaurant!! Thanks for the good memories!

  3. This ought to be an interesting project to follow.

  4. I'm afraid I can't say the same. I took some UK family around there a few years ago. They said the place was as contrived as Disneyland (which they had been to). It does make you wonder what the tourists did before though?

  5. Hi There

    Interesting comments, there will be a Chinese and Japanese restaurant opening again.

    Please watch this space and the Boardwalk will be sending out updates to the public on what is happening.

    Thanks once more

    Clifford Ngakane
    General Manager (The Boardwalk)