Friday, February 4, 2011

Coastal info boards

I love theses information boards that you find at touristy spots and lookout points along the South African coastline.  Some of them teach you about whales and dolphins while others contain information on early people living there as well as what to find in the intertidal areas.  I think there should be more of them out there to educate the public even more on this beautiful coastline of ours.  And the coastline is beautiful.  I just bought the Shoreline DVD set on  Shoreline is an excellent documentary on the whole South African coast with fantastic information and super cinematography.  A must for every travel and nature lover.


  1. I too liked to see these informative signs at places I visited in ZA. We have signs like that in our National Parks at overlooks. I learn a lot that way and often take a photo of the sign for future reference.

  2. A great image! My last time in Port Elizabeth I was there over Christmas, and remember spending Christmas Day walking along the Pier and having my Christmas lunch just near it. Wonderful spot.