Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Donkin seat features

The last of the art features at the Donkin I want to show you are the new row of seats for the tired and weary.  Perhaps its just my personal opinion, but out of all the art features being put up at the Donkin Reserve these must be my least favorite.  They look like surfboards stuck in the sand and bending in the wind with the same kind of unappealing paintwork on them.  The least they could have done is decorate them better.  Like I said, not my favorite.


  1. They do look like surfboards. Kind of stuck out there - not very inviting to sit. Is there a good view of the other art?
    But I like the red carpet from your previous post.

  2. Interesting series on the artwork! Not my 'cup of tea' though .. but interesting :)
    Very strange and uncomfortable looking seats! Definitely not my 'cup of tea'!
    Ireland also has modern artwork scattered about in the cities

  3. Very unusual seats. Not crazy about the paint job either. The one on the right looks like a boot.

  4. I thought they looked like psychedelic seagulls banking in the PE wind.....Not Nice ...Blah. These need to be repainted...Who's responsible for this.

  5. I agree with most, no over enthusiastic about these at all. Probably cost an arm and a leg! All is all a nice pic Firefly