Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fog bank

Earlier in the week we had a nice hot day in Port Elizabeth and I decided to take a drive down to the beachfront during my lunch time.  From the Flat Rocks parking area you could see a fog bank rolling into Algoa Bay as cooler air was blowing in from the Indian Ocean.  It look like in the movies and I was expecting to see a ghost ship sail out of the fog at any time.  Wouldn't that have made an award winning photograph! 


  1. I wish I could drive down to that beachfront during my lunch break! Oh, to have that water splashing on my legs and sand between my toes! I could drive down to our frozen hard nearby lake and stand on the ice......

  2. I wonder if that weather is what we have in store for today. Weather forecast says thunder storms ?? !!
    Nice Pic though.