Friday, January 14, 2011

SAAF Museum Impala

One of Port Elizabeth's most under rated museums must be the South African Air Force Museum behind the Port Elizabeth Airport.  Its a little off the beaten track and to get to it one has to follow Forest Hill Drive around the airport perimeter which means not nearly as many people get there are it should.  The museum has an fantastic collection of planes and helicopters and is surprisingly kiddie friendly.  One of the planes on exhibit is the Atlas MB-326M Impala Mk1.


  1. Hi, I've not been over here for a while, and it's been my loss. I followed you today from Caroline's blog. I love your blog and have added myself as a follower - so, I'll be back. Greetings from Jo.

  2. Yet another reason to visit PE - my brother is a pilot (albeit a helicopter one) and hubby is fascinated too so have written this up in my little pink book of things to do before we die (or fry according to the book I am reading at the moment called Six Degrees).