Friday, January 28, 2011

Donkin Street Houses

On the northern side of the Donkin Reserve observers will notice what must surely be the first townhouse complex in Port Elizabeth.  The Donkin Street houses were built between 1860 and 1880.  Although each unit is one lever lower than the previous one, the house are all part of one structure.  Sadly the Donkin Street houses has gone from one of the most photographed historic attractions in town to what it is today.  That is sadly what you get when you have buildings like these being bought by an overseas "investor" who doesn't seem to care much about the heritage of the city.  But this blog isn't about naming and shaming, but rather about me saying that I hope sanity will prevail and that these beautiful buildings will be restored to their previous splendour.  Specially in the light of the current Donkin Reserve upgrade.


  1. I hope so too - they do look elegant and I am sure inside is all good wood and high ceilings.

  2. Oh no...I used to love, love, love these homes. Are there plans to get them 'back' ?