Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just to end off the series of photos of the upgrade on the Donkin Reserve in the heart of Port Elizabeth I have decided to feature the biggest and most important attractions on the Donkin.  The pyramid is the Donkin Memorial which was put up by Sir Rufane Donkin in 1820 as a memorial to his wife after which he named the city.  The lighthouse was built in 1861 and also received a major upgrade as part of the project on the Donkin Reserve.  The lighthouse keeper's cottage is occupied by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and used as a Visitor Information Centre.


  1. This is a very interesting and eclectic group of buildings. Love lighthouses!

  2. Oh my word...this literally had me smiling from ear to ear. Pics from my old home town. And the Donkin, takes me right back to school days. I even made a replica of the pyramid!

  3. I have enjoyed the series. Great photo here with both the lighthouse and the pyramid.