Monday, January 17, 2011

Walmer Park construction

The Walmer Park Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth recently completed a major upgrade which included an extension of its floor space and the addition of more tenants.  One of the final phases of the project is the resurfacing of the parking area which was started before the building industry closed down for their end of year break and was completed last week.  I was just wondering why they couldn't wait for another week for schools to start and did it while there was still lots of cars and shoppers about.  Parking was quite hard to find with half the parking lot closed.  I have to add though that it was done by the weekend and everything looks quite spiffy now.


  1. Well I would undergo a lot of inconvenience to get to my favourite Woolies!

  2. great exposure and colour squire, well done. I remember trying to shoot in the Greenacres parking lot a few years back and getting chased off. I think the smaller your camera the more places you can shoot.